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About Andrew Porter

Andrew PorterAndrew Porter began his business career in Seattle in 1980 as a sales director. He led a team of successful sales people and soon became director of his own firm. In 1987 Mr. Porter started to work as a marketing and business consultant. His clients were initially in the health care fields, soon branching into manufacturing and construction. The consulting provided to these companies was in the form of customer service systems, sales and marketing programs, and resolution of human resource issues.

In 1995 Mr. Porter moved abroad for 7 years living in Russia, France, Denmark and Kazakhstan. Here he worked as a business consultant to various manufacturing firms, banks, public transportation and large retail sales companies, advising them on marketing programs and providing customer service training. Traveling across 5 continents, Andrew Porter delivered more than 3,200 lectures and workshops in over 20 different countries.

In 2001 he moved to New York City and helped to establish Effective Management, a consulting firm with more than 100 successful clients. Now Mr. Porter lives with his family in the northwest corner of Washington State and between working and spending time with his family enjoys backpacking and photography. You can view some of his photographs.

Mr. Porter will be teaching Customer Service courses through the Skagit Valley Community College in November, 2015. Click for more info…

Customer service is an all-encompassing term embracing any human interactions related to work. Greeting customers and assisting them is very important: Word of mouth about a business sets its flow of new customers! Customer service principles are applied with co-workers, employees, management, and on an interdepartmental basis. Any business, to thrive, must master each and every level of customer service.
6060 CBUS 015 AG 5:30PM-8:30PM W 10/7 to 11/18 N123 Porter $154.00

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