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Answering the phone

Who ever answers the phone at any business is the most important person on the payroll! Why? It’s simple; they talk to more customers than anyone else. A great receptionist is worth their weight in gold. It doesn’t matter whether the caller is a new customer or an established one, how the phone is answered and how the caller is handled makes ALL the difference.

First impressions, First impressions, First impressions

If the caller is a potential new customer how the phone is answered is of the highest priority. Of course when you pick up the phone you don’t know if the caller is new customer or an established one. Any small mistakes or misses on the phone and the potential new customer may well move on down the street.

Your attitude and tone are EVERYTHING!
The most important characteristic is: FRIENDLY!

The telephone should be answered promptly and should not be allowed to ring more than three times. All telephone calls should be answered with a warm greeting,


The telephone rings: “Good morning, San Rafael Construction Company. This is George. How I can help you”?

Be cheerful, positive, concerned and helpful no matter what the caller has to say.

As soon as you know the callers name write it down!

If you ask the question: “May I please put you on hold?” then you MUST wait for the answer before doing so! If you’re not going to wait for the answer, don’t ask the question, just say: “Please hold” and put them on hold.

You should NEVER convey to the person on the other end of the phone anything other than “I am happy you called and eager to help you!”

• Attitude, attitude, attitude! Your tone of voice, sense of humor and level of seriousness are the most important factors. The busier you are the more important these points become!

Ending a phone conversation:

Always end the conversation with a “Is there anything else I can do for you today?” and “Thank you for calling!”

1 Comments for Answering the phone

  1. Patsy Burke said,

    Mar 5, 02:26 PM #

    How the phone is answered makes all the difference to me when I am the customer.
    My willingness to be a good customer is greatly affected by the attitude of the person I speak to on the phone.
    If the person is not friendly, short, hurried, or lacks interest in me or my questions I lose interest in their company!