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Advanced Welcome Team Training

Advanced WelcomeTeam Training is a detailed program for anyone who manages staff. Ensuring the highest level of customer service has a lot to do with the internal atmosphere of any business, office or agency. The materials covered are gleaned from our many years of experience managing all sorts of businesses. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Perception of Value: How to increase your customers
  • Customer service surveys: how to get useful feedback
  • How to choose customer service staff
  • What to do to improve the overall atmosphere in the office
  • Handling griping complaining and gossiping!
  • Customer service staff meetings
  • The customer service log book
  • Loyal employees make loyal customers!
  • Creating and implementing an on-going staff training program
  • How to contextualize your service

The advanced program is a 4 to 6 hour long training session. Every tool is fully written up and ready for you to put into use. On completion of the Advanced WelcomeTeam Training one of our consultants will provide an in depth consultation and a tailor made implementation program for your company. Contact us for details and cost!