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In House Welcome Team Training

In-House WelcomeTeam Training

We are always happy to customize our training program. Each type of business or agency is unique. Every group encounters different specific challenges in dealing with customers, patients and clients. After literally thousands of presentations I know that a presentation will be well accepted if it includes specific examples and tools that directly relate to the day-to-day issues that the staff see every day.

When we present an in-house WelcomeTeam Training workshop to a group there are several steps of preparation, evaluating your exact goals for the training and then compiling detailed examples of good and bad service, common customer complaints and more.

Here are some of the survey questions we ask our clients to answer before we come for an in-house presentation:

  • Can you think of anything that may possibly lower your client’s perception of value of your service to them? Please list all examples that come to mind.
  • What are some of the things that you feel your customers love about you? Why are your loyal clients loyal to your company?
  • Can you think of any specific questions or problems that come to mind regarding answering the phones or greeting customers?
  • What are the most common complaints that you have heard from your clients? I am sure that you don’t hear too many, but what are the most common ones that you do hear?

The WelcomeTeam Training workshop can be delivered on any schedule needed to train your staff. We can schedule the training on weekdays, evenings, or weekends. We often schedule multiple sessions on different days and times so that it will be easy to get everyone scheduled to attend.

Please contact us anytime and we will be happy to come visit for a free consultation.