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Welcome Team Training

Welcome Team Training is a four-hour long workshop. This can be done in one session or split into two 2-hour workshops.

The presentation is fun, full of real examples and includes many exercises. There is an exam at the end of the course.

Each attendee receives a personal Welcome Team Training workbook and, on successful completion, a “Welcome Team Trained” certificate.

The table of contents from the Welcome Team Training Workbook:

  • Why is Good Service so Important?
  • Good Service: It’s Not Only For Customers!
  • What is The Goal of All Customer Service?
  • It’s All About Perception!
  • Customer Perception of Value: 4 Vital Things to Remember
  • First Impressions Answering the Phone
  • Greeting Customers
  • Personalize Your Service
  • Effective Communication Skills – Starting a Conversation
  • Effective Communication Skills – Basic Courtesy
  • Effective Communication Skills – Doing One Thing at a Time
  • How to Make Things Right When it Has Gone Wrong

The base cost is $50 per person, with group discounts available.

Call us today at 360-809-0661 to find out about our next scheduled training session.