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DSHS – Mount Vernon

“I felt that the material regarding irritated customers and how to help them was most applicable and the overall view of customer service and the customer service log. It would be great to have you come to our team meetings!” – K.L.

“Everything about the workshop was great. I enjoyed the packet of information because I can take it back with me and share the information with coworkers.” – B.M.

“The workshop was fun, I felt that the customer service log was most applicable. You are wonderful, Thanks!” – J.D.

“The Boot Camp was a great experience. Our customers are sort of a captive audience. There are times when we need to remind ourselves that most of the people who come in need our services. For many it takes a great deal of courage to ask for help. It’s good to be reminded that they will remember bad or sloppy service or a bad attitude on our part. I found the section on acknowledging especially helpful as that is definitely one of my shortcomings. The binder is also well put together and a very helpful tool. Thanks so much for the Boot Camp” – H.T.

City of Mount Vernon – Washington

“I liked many of the tips from the Boot Camp: The practice on what to say when I have to say NO!; how to redirect conversations and how to handle irritated customers.” – L.A.

“Great examples. Andy has a great sense of humor. Made it fun!” – T.O.

“Good job on the presentation. You are an interesting and dynamic speaker.” – B.F.

“I liked having the notebook with the information to take as well as the slide show, power point presentation. I felt the class was good really as a reminder of some of the basic common sense things we overlook in customer service on a daily basis.” – T.S.

“I liked everything, it was a good refresher on customer service and made you more aware of your interactions with customers and how they might be improved.” – K.G.

Smokey Point Concrete – Arlington and Sedro Woolley

“Nice approach covered many different scenarios, well done.”

“This was an awesome class. Thank you!”

“Learned more about how to deal with different people.”

“Andy gave us some great ideas on what to say and not say in customer service.”

“Overall good workshop-liked role playing and handling different situations.”

“You seemed to be very knowledgeable. Very prepared rolled with the humor of the drivers.”

“The interaction was fun and it helped. Good stories.”

“Learning about how to deal better with the customers in different situations.”

“Andy gave us some great ideas on what to say and not say in customer service.”

“Fun Class! Andy did a great job! I have been in CS for many years and I learned some different ways to handle calls.”

“Workshop was great! Involved student participation, kept light not stuffy-great job!”

“Thank you for coming and taking the time to share your knowledge and your desire to improve our customer service.”

“Thank you!”

“We need to have this session gone through each year for new people.”

“Very good job Andy, this is a difficult part of life dealing with people and receiving negativity and turning them to positives.”

“Had a great time!”

“There was a lot of information given and it will take awhile mentally to sort through it and let it sink in.”

“Thank you for your time – there are things outlined in this course that very easily apply to everyday situations – not just customer service applications.”

Phoenix Laboratory for Veterinarians – Everett

“Good job! No matter how long you’ve been in customer service it’s always helpful to go over things.” – M.P.

“The Boot Camp was very informative and interesting!” – K.B.

“Everything was helpful. Enjoyed the whole presentation. Felt relaxed. Great speaker! Keep up the good work!” – B.

Labor and Industries – Region 1

“The Customer Service Boot Camp was thorough and interesting.” – B.W.

“I really liked the group interaction. You are very knowledgeable on key points of how to improve communication. Thank you, Andrew.” – M.B.

“I felt that the drills on handling difficult or irate customers were most applicable. And realizing that co-workers are “customers”, too!” – C.

Skagit PUD – Mount Vernon

“I liked learning how to listen to customers statements and the speaker’s animated style. Andy is a good speaker and good at getting the participants involved.” – J.M.

“Great job, very informative. Good down to earth examples. The materials and the presentation were great!” – M.B.

“All of the information was applicable. The drills on making your service personal and how to end a conversation stand out. And the lunch was awesome!” – L.A.

“I really enjoyed your class, thank you!” – A.K.

“I felt the drills on listening effectively, how to end a conversation and handling irritated customers were most applicable.” – G.R.

“It brought to my attention the fact that people have outside influences that change their current state of emotion and to keep in mind that what they are saying is not a personal attack on you as an individual.” – M.B.

Recent Customer Service Boot Camp comments:

“I liked the sharing of different ideas and problems of other businesses, the small group was good!” – S.B. – SKAGIT ANIMAL CLINIC

“I enjoyed being able to talk openly and honestly about customer service. I think you are great with teaching people the true meaning of customer service! Thank you!.” – R.G. – LOUIS AUTO GLASS

“The Customer Service Boot Camp was great. I really liked your acting and active participation.” – K.S. – BEST AND BRIGHTEST POWERWASH

“The Boot Camp was very interesting, entertaining and informative.” – M.D. – SKAGIT GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB

“Well done, you provided a safe environment for people to participate.” – M.P. – VIP ESPRESSO CATERING

“Great job, great food, great class! .” – A.M. – SEDRO WOOLLEY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

“It was informative, funny and I enjoyed it a lot! Thank you.” – L.R. – THE BRIDGE OF MOUNT VERNON

“I enjoyed the drills, the visuals with printed materials and the section on problem solving.” – K.T. – THE BRIDGE OF MOUNT VERNON

“Very informative, the drilling was good, but I liked all of it. The sections about handling discipline and customer service between employees was most applicable.” – M.W. – ALF CHRISTIANSON SEED COMPANY

“Andrew is a very personable and knowledgeable instructor. I enjoyed his take on most things. Thank you! – G.H. – SMOKEY POINT CONCRETE

“I liked Andy’s enthusiasm and how he got the audience motivated. I specifically liked all of the drills and the participation of others.” – J.M. – EDWARD JONES INVESTMENTS

“You are very engaging, fun and witty. Good job, Andy! I liked the drills and felt that the sections on problem solving and the customer service log were most applicable.” – D.S. – PER DONA SALONSPA

“I liked the presenter, very engaging. The sections covering the customer satisfaction survey, customer service log, problem solving and listening were most applicable.” – B.N. – BUSINESS BANK

“Andy was easy to listen to, he made it interesting. I felt that all of the material was applicable, every aspect of the workshop.” – R.M. – BUSINESS BANK

“I thought it was very informative. Thanks, Andy!” – D.B. – SEDRO WOOLLEY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

“You are very knowledgeable, a very good speaker. Held everyone’s interest all day long. I learned a lot.” – P.F. – SKAGIT GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB

Computer Source – Sedro Woolley, WA

Andy Porter’s presentation of Customer Service Boot Camp is an exceptional value. If you and your staff commit to his teachings and apply them daily, they could completely change your business and the way you do business forever.

In our small business, we felt that our customer service was pretty good; especially compared to our competition, but we new that we were starting to stray from our original standards as we began to grow and started adding staff. I was so excited when I learned of Customer Service Boot Camp, because I new that even if we walked away with a few small tidbits, it could do us a lot of good.

The explanation of “customer perceived value”, was in my mind one of the most important tools that my organization needed to learn. There was a lot of resistance from my partner and key employee to raise our pricing structure, but because of our low pricing we were actually starting to suffocate the business. When it was taught that if you not only meet the customer’s needs, but attempt to exceed them, the customer will gladly pay for the service. Of course there is always an exception to the rule, but this is in general terms, of course.

As a business owner I was honestly concerned that one of my key employees would not be as willing to participate in this presentation since he seemed very indifferent and sort of resistant to the idea of having to stay late on a Saturday. I found that Andy Porter’s presentation style incorporates aspects that appeal to all 4 of the major personality types; dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness. This is extremely important when speaking to groups, because it keeps everyone interested and paying attention. For instance, have you ever been to a presentation where the person droned on about statistics and details? This is great for some people, but others would start chatting or making doodles in their notepad. Or in some cases, if the presenter is very over the top with excitement, some people will respond while others will feel as if they are wasting their time and start working on a mental to do list. But because of Andy’s presentation style, my entire group was not only paying attention, but they were responding and participating.

What have I found with the conclusion of the presentation? Our staff had an immediate response to “stepping it up”. There was a new found cohesiveness in our staff and an incredible team effort that followed with everyone seemingly taking more responsibility for the overall success of the business. Everyone starting coming up with ideas and suggestions on how to improve communication, customer relations and customer service in general.

Even if you feel that you and your staff have exceptional customer service, you would be a fool to think that there isn’t room for improvement. Allow Andy and his team to aid in guiding you and your organization to an even higher standard of excellence that will have your customers so impressed that they will be not only be loyal, repeat customers, but sending everyone they meet in the street to your business’ door steps as well.

Pamela Santangelo
Computer Source

First American Title Company – Mount Vernon, Anacortes and Burlington

Here are a few comments from the Customer Service Boot Camp:

“Easy to read handouts, clear information. You’re an easy speaker to listen to. Very good info for the office and life in general”- SL

“Thanks for your great sense of humor. The class was informative and fun!”- JL

“Good information conveyed in an easy to understand format.”- PB

“The speaker was very knowledgeable and believed in the subject, made it worthwhile. Very enthusiastic.” – KS

“Andy is a good speaker and knew his stuff.” – TL

“I truly enjoyed the presentation and materials and feel this was a very beneficial day.”- FC

North Cascade Veterinary Hospital

Our animal hospital has more than 20 staff and we are usually very busy. There are three doctors in addition to myself. I have found over the years that it was difficult for me, as the owner-veterinarian to have time to work with staff on customer service. Things would get busy and I just couldn’t find the time to work with the staff to reach the next level of customer care.

All of our staff love animals and would do anything to help them. But taking great care of the animals is not enough. Pets have owners! Our goal was to move our customer service from the norm to something that would be above and beyond, more than expected.

Andy Porter helped us to develop a complete customer service program to do this. He spent time in the hospital and with the staff observing and asking questions. Together we worked on everything from how clients and their pets are greeted when they arrive to the follow up phone calls after they have gone back home. Procedures were developed, scripts written and drilled and we got the program implemented. I would have to say the most important result was that we created a strong team. All of the staff from the doctors to the kennel assistants are on the look out to help each other and make sure that every client and pet leave feeling that they received the best possible medical care and the friendliest service. Now that these systems are in place we have achieved a stable level of superlative customer service.

In May of 2006 the North Cascade Veterinary Hospital was awarded as the Skagit County Business of the Year. And in January of 2007 we received the People’s Choice Award for Best Veterinary Hospital in Skagit County. There is no doubt that Mr. Porter’s customer service program had a lot to do with our winning these awards.

If you want to create loyal customers and create a team of dedicated staff, then call Andy. He has the skills and knowledge to help you get there!

Timothy Howland, DVM
North Cascade Veterinary Hospital