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Computer Source – Sedro Woolley, WA

Andy Porter’s presentation of Customer Service Boot Camp is an exceptional value. If you and your staff commit to his teachings and apply them daily, they could completely change your business and the way you do business forever.

In our small business, we felt that our customer service was pretty good; especially compared to our competition, but we new that we were starting to stray from our original standards as we began to grow and started adding staff. I was so excited when I learned of Customer Service Boot Camp, because I new that even if we walked away with a few small tidbits, it could do us a lot of good.

The explanation of “customer perceived value”, was in my mind one of the most important tools that my organization needed to learn. There was a lot of resistance from my partner and key employee to raise our pricing structure, but because of our low pricing we were actually starting to suffocate the business. When it was taught that if you not only meet the customer’s needs, but attempt to exceed them, the customer will gladly pay for the service. Of course there is always an exception to the rule, but this is in general terms, of course.

As a business owner I was honestly concerned that one of my key employees would not be as willing to participate in this presentation since he seemed very indifferent and sort of resistant to the idea of having to stay late on a Saturday. I found that Andy Porter’s presentation style incorporates aspects that appeal to all 4 of the major personality types; dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness. This is extremely important when speaking to groups, because it keeps everyone interested and paying attention. For instance, have you ever been to a presentation where the person droned on about statistics and details? This is great for some people, but others would start chatting or making doodles in their notepad. Or in some cases, if the presenter is very over the top with excitement, some people will respond while others will feel as if they are wasting their time and start working on a mental to do list. But because of Andy’s presentation style, my entire group was not only paying attention, but they were responding and participating.

What have I found with the conclusion of the presentation? Our staff had an immediate response to “stepping it up”. There was a new found cohesiveness in our staff and an incredible team effort that followed with everyone seemingly taking more responsibility for the overall success of the business. Everyone starting coming up with ideas and suggestions on how to improve communication, customer relations and customer service in general.

Even if you feel that you and your staff have exceptional customer service, you would be a fool to think that there isn’t room for improvement. Allow Andy and his team to aid in guiding you and your organization to an even higher standard of excellence that will have your customers so impressed that they will be not only be loyal, repeat customers, but sending everyone they meet in the street to your business’ door steps as well.

Pamela Santangelo
Computer Source