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DSHS – Mount Vernon

“I felt that the material regarding irritated customers and how to help them was most applicable and the overall view of customer service and the customer service log. It would be great to have you come to our team meetings!” – K.L.

“Everything about the workshop was great. I enjoyed the packet of information because I can take it back with me and share the information with coworkers.” – B.M.

“The workshop was fun, I felt that the customer service log was most applicable. You are wonderful, Thanks!” – J.D.

“The Boot Camp was a great experience. Our customers are sort of a captive audience. There are times when we need to remind ourselves that most of the people who come in need our services. For many it takes a great deal of courage to ask for help. It’s good to be reminded that they will remember bad or sloppy service or a bad attitude on our part. I found the section on acknowledging especially helpful as that is definitely one of my shortcomings. The binder is also well put together and a very helpful tool. Thanks so much for the Boot Camp” – H.T.