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North Cascade Veterinary Hospital

Our animal hospital has more than 20 staff and we are usually very busy. There are three doctors in addition to myself. I have found over the years that it was difficult for me, as the owner-veterinarian to have time to work with staff on customer service. Things would get busy and I just couldn’t find the time to work with the staff to reach the next level of customer care.

All of our staff love animals and would do anything to help them. But taking great care of the animals is not enough. Pets have owners! Our goal was to move our customer service from the norm to something that would be above and beyond, more than expected.

Andy Porter helped us to develop a complete customer service program to do this. He spent time in the hospital and with the staff observing and asking questions. Together we worked on everything from how clients and their pets are greeted when they arrive to the follow up phone calls after they have gone back home. Procedures were developed, scripts written and drilled and we got the program implemented. I would have to say the most important result was that we created a strong team. All of the staff from the doctors to the kennel assistants are on the look out to help each other and make sure that every client and pet leave feeling that they received the best possible medical care and the friendliest service. Now that these systems are in place we have achieved a stable level of superlative customer service.

In May of 2006 the North Cascade Veterinary Hospital was awarded as the Skagit County Business of the Year. And in January of 2007 we received the People’s Choice Award for Best Veterinary Hospital in Skagit County. There is no doubt that Mr. Porter’s customer service program had a lot to do with our winning these awards.

If you want to create loyal customers and create a team of dedicated staff, then call Andy. He has the skills and knowledge to help you get there!

Timothy Howland, DVM
North Cascade Veterinary Hospital