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Recent Customer Service Boot Camp comments:

“I liked the sharing of different ideas and problems of other businesses, the small group was good!” – S.B. – SKAGIT ANIMAL CLINIC

“I enjoyed being able to talk openly and honestly about customer service. I think you are great with teaching people the true meaning of customer service! Thank you!.” – R.G. – LOUIS AUTO GLASS

“The Customer Service Boot Camp was great. I really liked your acting and active participation.” – K.S. – BEST AND BRIGHTEST POWERWASH

“The Boot Camp was very interesting, entertaining and informative.” – M.D. – SKAGIT GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB

“Well done, you provided a safe environment for people to participate.” – M.P. – VIP ESPRESSO CATERING

“Great job, great food, great class! .” – A.M. – SEDRO WOOLLEY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

“It was informative, funny and I enjoyed it a lot! Thank you.” – L.R. – THE BRIDGE OF MOUNT VERNON

“I enjoyed the drills, the visuals with printed materials and the section on problem solving.” – K.T. – THE BRIDGE OF MOUNT VERNON

“Very informative, the drilling was good, but I liked all of it. The sections about handling discipline and customer service between employees was most applicable.” – M.W. – ALF CHRISTIANSON SEED COMPANY

“Andrew is a very personable and knowledgeable instructor. I enjoyed his take on most things. Thank you! – G.H. – SMOKEY POINT CONCRETE

“I liked Andy’s enthusiasm and how he got the audience motivated. I specifically liked all of the drills and the participation of others.” – J.M. – EDWARD JONES INVESTMENTS

“You are very engaging, fun and witty. Good job, Andy! I liked the drills and felt that the sections on problem solving and the customer service log were most applicable.” – D.S. – PER DONA SALONSPA

“I liked the presenter, very engaging. The sections covering the customer satisfaction survey, customer service log, problem solving and listening were most applicable.” – B.N. – BUSINESS BANK

“Andy was easy to listen to, he made it interesting. I felt that all of the material was applicable, every aspect of the workshop.” – R.M. – BUSINESS BANK

“I thought it was very informative. Thanks, Andy!” – D.B. – SEDRO WOOLLEY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

“You are very knowledgeable, a very good speaker. Held everyone’s interest all day long. I learned a lot.” – P.F. – SKAGIT GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB